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Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Be Zen.

welcome to zen by emiko!

Let’s turn this change into excitement. I’m excited that you have chosen you! Your patterns are about to get interrupted so hold on as we start this new journey.
Valuing yourself is priority and I am here to guide and support you with each action needed to enhance your life. What you feel is lacking, we will work together on those challenges. We will work past the roadblocks and learn a new way to process, think, take action and move FORWARD to transform. This choice is yours. Let’s make it simple. Consistency and work.

Are you ready? I am here to build a personal connection of understanding without judgement. We will set goals for your future. We don’t dig into your past.

Understanding you are unhappy with your job/career.
Understanding you feel stuck.
Understanding change gives you anxiety.
Understanding you can’t place your thoughts in order.
Understanding the emotions that get in the way.

It’s time to value your inner peace. I get it! Personal growth takes a little extra work so pushing through is what needs to happen. I promise you it’s going to be worth every step forward.

Think deeper.
Feel more.
Feel at Zen.
Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Be Zen. 

My Story

Hello! I'm Emiko Cechin. You know you have been given a gift when you can make a difference by helping others be a better version of who they really see themselves as.

At Zen by Emiko, my priority is to help you reach your goals. We all face different challenges in life. I am very familiar with challenges myself. I married young,, went through a divorce and became a single mother, managed a home while co-parenting and started a small business. So yes! I understand stress, road blocks, and the real struggles of breaking patterns. My accountability  coaching program is a  supportive, guidance  program that gives you the opportunity to enhance your own journey. Self care should be a priority. You need to take care of yourself just as much as you take care of others. Whether it’s taking a hot bath, having a glass of wine, reading a book, or a simple ten minute face mask before you go to bed..... do something for you, do what makes your load feel a little lighter and  heart a little warmer. It is my honor and pleasure to guide you  with my coaching  for the ultimate Zen experience. 

Body, mind & Accountability Customized coaching 

Three month  program

Enhance your journey. 60 minutes Bi-weekly , one on one sessions. 

- Action planning
-email/text support
- How to reach your goals
- Decluttering the mind
- Self care - why its important
- Honoring your values 
- Boundaries 
-breaking pattern behaviors
- stepping out of your comfort zone

 Six month program

60 minutes Bi-weekly in person, one on one sessions.

 Once a month

60 minutes in person or Via Zoom
This is recommended if your time is limited and for keeping in touch after the other programs have been completed. 

We all are working through challenging times with some guidance, support and accountability I look forward to helping you move forward one step at a time.

for your convenience coaching sessions may be done Via Zoom. It's ok if you don't live local.

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